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2012 Spring Equinox

Earthstars Newsletter 16.3.2012


The London Earthstar is a map of London’s spiritual dimensions. Many of the key points and intersections are marked by some of the capital’s oldest sacred sites. St Paul’s, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, The London Stone, Barking Abbey, The Tower and Southwark Cathedral are all incorporated in this design, as are many local parish churches, holy wells and sacred hills.

Throughout the year we will connect with this geometry to align ourselves and our planet to the greater order and higher frequencies of the universal life force.

On Tuesday March 20th 2012, the Spring Equinox of this important year, we want to join together and project a cross of light in a circle of light over London, as both an empowering energy and a protective shield.

You can do this from any location by visualization. Or you can meet up at one of the key sites, where you might link more strongly to the energies.

Over 200 people might be joining in with this exercise, so it will be interesting to see what effect we can have on the collective consciousness of the capital. Our aim is to light up the city, clear negativity and fear, spread love and light and to change the emotional climate. Past experience shows it can also reduce crime rates.


The symbol we are going to project/visualize over the capital is an equal armed cross of light, in a circle of light. More popularly known as the Celtic Cross. It’s basis is an ancient symbol for the Earth, incorporating the cross of the four directions and alchemical elements. N,S,E,W, Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Within the eternal circle of the heavens.
Within this symbol, the elements and powers of life are held in perfect balance, as they are naturally at the equinoxes, the times of equal day and night. The horizontal arm represents the equinoxes where the sun and moon rise due east and set due west.
The vertical line represents the solstices when the sun rises and sets at its most northern and southerly points.
The symbol for the sun, a dot within a circle, is also considered to be an intrinsic part of this symbol. It is also one of the fundamental grounding patterns of the Earthstars geometry. It exists in the landscape as part of the Earthstars energy matrix. It is part of the spiritual “Motherboard”
The circle it relates to in our equinox exercise, stretches from Barnet in the North, to Norbury in the South, Barking in the East and Hanwell in the west. Through a natural harmonic resonance, you will automatically connect into this divine circuitry when you project your image of a cross in a circle.

The key to the Northern gate is St. Mary’s East Barnet.
The key to the Eastern gate is Barking Abbey.
The key to the Southern gate is Pollard’s Hill Norbury.
The key to the western Gate is St Mary’s Hanwell.

The central point is Brock House at the junction of Great Portland Street and Langham Street, behind the BBCs central Broadcasting House and close to the rear of All Soul’s Langham Place. Brock House itself stands on a former sacred site dedicated to St. Paul but now demolished and All Soul’s has the NE-SW axis of the 8pt Earthstar running down the aisle of the church through the altar and main entrance portico which is modeled on a temple of Minerva.

If you live near any of these places, please connect with them on March 20th, anytime between 12 noon and 1pm or up to 6pm. ( The actual equinox is 5.14am in the morning, but the influence is valid all day). If you are going to the cnetre point, you will probably find you can make a good connection sitting in All Soul’s whose altar is a matter of yards from the Earthstars centre.

Here’s a rough outline of what you might do, either at one of the locations, or from wherever you are.

Relax into your usual meditative state. Surround yourself with a protective sphere of white light. Visualise a column of light shining vertically down upon you. Connect with it and be aware it is a link to the heart of the universe. Let it shine right into you filling every part of your body and every cell with light and love. When you have enjoyed that experience for as long as you like, take your attention to beneath your feet and visualize a column of light shining up from the white hot star core of the Earth, from the heart of the planet.
Breath that up into your body and let it balance with the light from above, so you stand connected to the heart of the Universe and Heart of the earth, centred in your heart. Take some time to centre the energy in your heart. Then be aware that you now stand at the centre of your own cross of light within a circle of light. And that you can sense that image in the energy above and below you, as well as before and behind you.

If it seems appropriate say:

“Light and love shines through me.
Light and love surrounds me.
Light and love heals me.
Light and love nourishes me.
Light and love empowers me.”

If you are actually at one of the sites, expand your column and circle of light to encompass the entire site. Connect into the highest frequencies that pour into and from these sites.

Earthstars Newsletter 16.3.2012   www.earthstars.co.uk

Now take your attention to the centre of the city, if you do not know the Earthstars’ exact centre Brock House (There are pics in my books or on the internet), use Oxford Circus Which is not far away and where the main N-S line crosses Oxford St (once an ancient trackway).

Visualise the same column of light there and as it connects, see concentric rings of light and love spreading out from the centre like ripples on a pond. Visualise them spreading and widening until they reach the edges of the capital and start to form a bright circle of light around it.

Work for a while strengthening the circle of light and be aware also that it is part of a 3D dome of energy over London.

Then connect the four axes from the centre. First the East-West horizontal line which links to the equinox sun/moon energies. Then see the north south line spread from the centre completing the cross of light in a circle of light.

If you are at any of the E W N S points, anchor the energy as it connects to the energy of the site. Strengthen the cross and circle of light image. Do not worry if you see any other geometric figures in the energy. They will connect up automatically.

Ask for healing to be done throughout the capital in accordance with divine will and ask that wherever this energy spreads, may light love and joy enter the hearts minds and souls of all beings.

Then ask for the energy to be released into the capital, to spread throughout London,
Throughout Britain and throughout the world.

Let your own columns of light from above and below withdraw. But be aware that they never totally disconnect and that your sphere of protective light is always surrounding you and your aura.
Take your attention down to your feet and to your physical connection to the Earth. Jump, stamp, or whatever to ground yourself.

If you are at a site, find somewhere to sit quietly and return to normal consciousness. Have a cuppa. Needless to say, do not go to the pub. Wrong energies. Feel free to email me or share experiences.

I will be at St Mary’s in East Barnet…sometime between 12 and 1pm and at the centre sometime later.
Marion, Richard and others will be at the Earthstars Centre
Greg and Tony and others will be at Barking Abbey (far more important than Westminster at one time).
Polly and friends will be at Pollard’s Hill
John and Joan and some others may be at Hanwell.
Do look out for them.

This exercise is over-lit by the spirit of the city, the angel of London and you will be  under her protection at all times and may connect with her if  you wish.

Remember you can use the main components of this exercise in your personal meditations or to work with the healing power of place at other sacred sites.

Future events.
Mayday we will do a similar exercise with the golden mean harmonic energies of the 5 point star.

Between now and then I hope to fix dates for a Visionary Landscape
Walking Workshop to London’s Camelot, to Primrose Hill, to Hampstead Heath, to Wimbledon’s answer to Chalice Well and to do some druid communication with trees.


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