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Chris Street

Chris Street is a mystic and reluctant visionary. The Earthstars network isn’t something he set out to discover. It came about, in the early 1980s, through  a series of dreams  and visions featuring a “White Goddess” or “divine feminine aspect of the Earth Spirit or World Soul.”  This apparition identified many of the first sacred sites involved in the Earthstars discovery.  Needless to say, it still prompted a huge amount of time, energy and research. It took Chris on a huge learning curve which included knowledge of  ley alignments, sacred sites, spirit of place, dowsing,  healing, the tarot, crystals, sacred geometry, sacred sound, map dowsing, celtic shamanism, the divine feminine, gnosticism and geosophy – the wisdom of the Earth. Much of the Earthstars material relates to the Temple Builders’ Art which was the hidden knowledge of secret societies. Chris believes it is time to make this knowledge an open secret and de-mystify what were previously mysteries. He believes that the native “ancient wisdom” of The British Isles is encoded in our sacred landscapes and ancient sacred sites as a living tradition in the spirit of the land, for all to find. He is a long-standing member of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids.

In a  previous life, Chris worked in the advertising industry as an “ideas” man, writer, creative group head and board director.  For 12 years he worked at CDP, regarded at the time as the world’s most creative ad agency. Other former employees include the film director Alan Parker, Paul Weiland, director of many Mr Bean and Blackadder episodes, David Puttnam and Charles Saatchi.  Chris  specialised in humorous commercials and his work won 95 creative awards including a Gold Lion from the Cannes Film Festival for a 30 second commercial. Chris left the ad business to concentrate on his Earthstars work which doesn’t pay as well ( if at all – see the sponsors wanted page) but is far more rewarding in other ways.

Chris has been researching the geometry, alignments and sites of the Earthstars network for nearly thirty years and created the term Visionary Landscape to describe it. It is an on-going saga which is constantly revealing new insights and information.

It is not something he set out to discover. The revelation was initiated by a series of dreams, visions and psychic experiences, many involving an apparition resembling Robert Graves’ White Goddess. It was this entity who guided him through much of the discovery.

He claims not to be a member of any secret society. If he is, it is so secret, even he doesn’t know what it is.

Chris has presented his Earthstars and Visionary Landscape work to many audiences:
RILKO: The Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation.  The College of Psychic Studies. The Wessex Crop Circle Conference.
The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. Fountain International. The Gatekeeper Trust. The Network  of Ley  Hunters.

The Theosophical Society. The London Earth Mysteries Circle. The alternative archaeology Conference. The Megalithomania Conference. The London College of Spirituality.

He is available, to make presentations on Earthstars or London’s Camelot to any group who is interested and willing to cover expenses. He is also available for interviews or documentaries. See the contact page.

He is also available for one to one consultation/tuition on spirit of place, leys, sacred sites, druidry, tarot or related matters.

His new book, The Descent of the Dove will be available in early Spring 2013