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London City of Revelation – Contents

Contents the same as Earthstars The Visionary Landscape ( now out of print but available s/h on Amazon).


Chapter 1: A WAKE UP CALL.

Chapter 2: LONDON’S LOST CAMELOT. The mystic isle. The Lady of the well. Arthurian mysteries.

Chapter 3: THE DREAM. St Mary The Virgin East Barnet. A Spiritual Power Station? The Barnet Triangle. Barnet Triangle dimensions.

Chapter 4: HIDDEN CONNECTIONS. Green Park’s grove. Westminster Cathedral. London’s hilltop henge. Lines of spirit. The Croydon Triangle. A crop of circles.

Chapter 5: THE FIRST EARTHSTAR. Pentagonal mark points. The Horsenden Hill axis. The London Stone. St.Bride’s Fleet Street. Tower Hill. Horsenden Hill. One Tree Hill. The Burnt Oak to Bellingham Axis. The Caesar’s Camp axis. The Sion Park to Wanstead axis. Five point star intersections.

Chapter 6: A CLUSTER OF EARTHSTARS. Sion Park. Watling Park. The eight-point star. The Camelot Pentagram. The eighteen-sided polyhedron. The Croydon Triangle star.

Chapter 7: THE DIVINE PLAN. Sacred Geometry. The Squared circle. Harmonic numbers.

Chapter 8: THE FULL CIRCLES. The East Ham triangle. The Hanwell Triangle. The 20-point star. the 30-point star. The patterns so far.

Chapter 9: PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF SACRED GEOMETRY. Building in the spiritual dimensions. The geometry of the soul.

Chapter 10: THE WEB OF LIFE. The Horsenden Hill sunrise line. The Coronation Line. The Stonehenge line. Life’s rich patern.

Chapter 11: JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE. The centre point.

Chapter 12: OTHER STAR SYSTEMS. The Circle of Perpetual Choirs. David Wood’s Genisis. Henry Lincoln’s Holy Place. Pi in the Sky. On Earth as it is in Heaven. The Keys to the Temple. Other Earthstar patterns. Sacred geometry of crop circles. John Michell’s sacred geometry of Jerusalem.

Chapter 13: LONDON, CITY OF REVELATION. The gates of the city. The pearl of heaven.

Chapter 14: THE BRIDE. The Bride of revelation. The Lion. the Unicorn.

Chapter 15: THE END OF AN AGE? The Mayan prophecies. The Rainbow Warriors. New Age or Ancient Wisdom. The second coming.

Chapter 16: THE WATERS OF LIFE.The Fountain effect.


Chapter 18: THE EARTHSTARS VISION. Geosophy. Healing the wasteland.

TO ORDER – Search the title (London City of Revelation) at www.lulu.com,  Amazon or email starman144@hotmail.com to check availability for a signed copy direct from the author.