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London’s Camelot and The Secrets Of The Grail

London's Camelot and The Secrets of The GrailCAMELOT IS IN LONDON.

Currently known as Camlet Moat,  in Trent Park.

Only one place actually called Camelot appears on old maps. So far it has been overlooked by those in search of this legendary location. It is hidden in woods on the outskirts of London. Archaeological digs show it had a massive drawbridge over a moat, walls five and a half feet thick and a dungeon. It also has apparitions of a Guinevere-like "White Lady" and is regarded locally as a place of visions, healing and inspiration, with some very definite and intriguing connections to the Grail Myths and Arthurian Legends.  Those of you who have read Earthstars or The Visionary Landscape will know that Camelot  was one of the sites which triggered the Earthstars discovery. Not only is this Camelot in London, so is a Round Table associated with it, and Arthur's Sword-in-the-stone. Was the real Camelot here in London? What is its Round table? Is its holy well haunted by a Grail Maiden ? Is Arthur's sword-in-the-stone still in London, built into a wall? If you live in London, this is a book you should read and a place you should visit. It contains  more mysteries related to the Holy Grail than the Da Vinci Code.

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You can get signed copies via Amazon or direct from me. Send a cheque to Earthstars Publishing 74 The Mall, Southgate, London N14 6LP. £12. inc P&P. Or order via starman144@hotmail.com and pay through paypal to starman144@hotmail.com account.

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CONTENTS  1:  Who called it Camelot? Origins of the name     2:  The Secret Tradition in Arthurian Legend     3:  King Arthur’s Cross     4:  Digging up some Hard Evidence       5:  Sir Phillip Sassoon’s excavations      6:  Treasure in the Well         7:  A Place of Initiation.        8:  Is Camelot Moat a Sacred Site ?        9:  Our Lady of Camelot Moat       10: Ley Lines, Earthstars and the Round Table    11: The Holy Grail, The Holy Spirit  and The Holy Woman      12: The Mystery of The Great Pyramid       13; The Sword in the Stone         14: Does Arthur’s Stone Still Exist ?          15: Healing the Wasteland        Camelot Moat: How to get there

Illustrations;  1:    1658 map showing Camelot Moat         2:    Enfield in the 12th Century (map)     3:    Map of Enfield Chase’s paths and tracks    4:    Charles Williams’ map showing Camelot in London    5:    King Arthur’s Cross        6:    Sir Phillip Sassoon       7:    The North side of Camelot Moat        8:    The well in the north east corner      9:    Statue of the Romano-Celtic God Nodens        10:    The Rag Tree beside Camelot Moat’s ‘Holy’ well    11:    Unusual glowing light vaguely similar to Virgin Mary apparitions at Camelot Moat          12:    Light orbs bubbling out of the well           13:    More light orbs, near a tree shrine        14:    Flying oval light orbs       15:    Virgin Mary in a pose similar to the apparitions at the moat  16:    Apparition of Mary at Fatima      17:    The Barnet Triangle      18:    Eight-point star – one of the Earthstar patterns     19:    Ten-point star                         20:    London’s five-point Earthstar      21:    Thirty-point Earthstar diagram      22:    Several of the Earthstars patterns overlaid      23:    London’s Earthstar geometry fits Stonehenge perfectly   24:    The Grail Hallows as the Tarot Aces        25:    The Grail Maiden and the Queen of Cups    26:    The Trent Park Obelisk        27:    The Pineapple monument       28:    The Trent Park Triangle       29:    The Triangle creates a pattern identical to the Earthstar's  foundational geometry    30:    The Great Pyramid overlaid on Trent Park by Sir Phillip Sassoon       31:    St. Paul’s Cross    32:    The Site of Old Pol’s Stump    33:    The King Stone at Kingston-upon-Thames      34:    The Coronation Line   35:    An ancent burial mound or a traffic island ?   36:    The London Stone    37:    The London Stone set into the wall of St. Swithins church    38:    The Stone’s sad location at 111 Cannon Street

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You can get signed copies via Amazon or direct from me. Send a cheque to Earthstars Publishing 74 The Mall, Southgate, London N14 6LP. £12. inc P&P. Or order and pay through paypal to starman144@hotmail.com.

rrrp; is £10 plus p&P on most web sites.

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