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LONDON’S LEY LINES – Pathways of Enlightenment

LLLcover What is a ley line ? Is there a straight answer ? Get a copy of the new book and see. It's a personal  and visionary   perspective on London's Ley lines, listing some of the most important alignments through the capital,  giving details of all their mark points and what to look out for as you walk them. It's full of  surprising facts and places for you to visit. Did you know all of Alfred Watkins'  original London Leys, extend to points in the Earthstars geometry ? Which London church sits on four sarsen stones ?
Leys are as elusive as beams of starlight. They are everywhere, you just can’t see them. They may be compared to the hidden knowledge of a secret tradition. On public display and freely available to those in the know. Invisible and unsuspected by those who aren’t. Thus the perennial ancient wisdom at the basis of leys is encoded within the land for future generations to discover anew, if they have the vision.
London’s leys can lead you to magical places, to the soul of the city and to an understanding of the hidden unity which connects our ancient sacred sites to each other and also links our spiritual dimensions to theirs.
To our ancestors these locations were places of the gods, places of healing, places of power, places of vision initiation, inspiration and revelation.
If you spend any amount of time with them, you will almost certainly find that they still are.

The book can be ordered on line as a paperback or a downloadable e-book from www.lulu.com:  Signed copies are available  direct from  Chris at starman144@hotmail.

“Anyone who has followed their paths across country will find that his life has been enriched, possibly deepened, by the experience.”

John Michell

London Ley Lines,  pathways of enlightenment.


Part One                Leys  – a personal perspective
Introduction        Hidden Knowledge
Chapter One        The Beginning of Leys
Chapter Two        Paths of Enlightenment
Chapter Three     Watkins’ London Leys
Chapter Four        The St. Paul’s Ley
Chapter Five         The Strand Ley
Chapter Six           Watkins Third Ley, The Piccadilly Line
Chapter Seven       Watkins Fourth London Ley
Part Three              London’s most important leys
ChapterEight         The Stonehenge Line
Chapter Nine         The Most Important Ley in London – The Coronation Line

Chapter Ten           The Sacred Hills of London Parliament Hill Ley

Chapter Eleven      The Sacred Hills of London Primrose Hill Ley

Chapter Twelve      The Whetstone Ley

Chapter Thirteen    The Harestone and Wealdstone Ley

Chapter Fourteen      More Old Stones  The Harestone to Kingsbury Church Ley

Chapter Fifteen        The Whetstone to Wealdstone Ley

Chapter Sixteen        The Guardians of the Old Stones and Messenger of the Gods

Chapter Seventeen    Our Lady of The Leys and Barn Hill’s Hell’s Lane Ley

Chapter Eighteen        London’s Mary Line
Chapter Nineteen        The London Stone Ley
Chapter Twenty            The Penton Ley
Chapter Twenty One    This Way Lies Madness
ChapterTwenty Two     Walking The Line
ChapterTwenty Three    The Way of The Ley – Geosophy

Includes many ley line maps.

Want to read a review. Check out www.badwitch.co.uk.


Click Here To Buy Now => Book: London's Ley Lines – Pathways Of Enlightenment

Search the title on www.lulu.com: Also available on Amazon. RRP £12.95. Most web sites selling cheaper but with P&P.  Signed copies available  direct from  Chris at starman144@hotmail. London's Ley Lines is stocked by The Atlantis Bookshop in Museum St, Watkins, Mysteries,  The Astrology Shop Neal St and Gothic Image Glastonbury.

4 Responses to “LONDON’S LEY LINES – Pathways of Enlightenment”

  1. Sue Scott Powell Says:
    July 13th, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    Chris, I run the TVD and am currently arranging a new programme for next year, talks and field trips. Where do you live
    Would like to speak to you re possibility of arranging an event on a weekend next year for our group, possibly ley/energy lines in London, say 11am- 4p.m.could you give me an idea of your fee and an idea of
    what the programme would entail. we are (mostly) all experienced dowsers. regards Sue Scott Powell. 01494 813 214 (evenings)

  2. Ani Wagner Says:
    July 16th, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    Hi Chris
    The walk on Tuesday was brilliant we are still talking about it & excited our friend who says he’s experienced the power of ley lines & sensed them in Andalusia where he lives 6 mths of the year We would like a book each please .

  3. Aryanna Japhayel Says:
    July 20th, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    I would be interested to have your regular mailings. I am a dowser among other therapies and am interested in earth energies and healing. thanks very much

  4. christreet Says:
    March 25th, 2011 at 9:32 am

    email me on starman144@hotmail.com or search google groups for the earthstars SG1 group to join.


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