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At last, we have some Earthstars Group events in the diary.

Queenie’s Diamond Jubilee.

Midsummer solstice

The Healing Power of the Heath.

A quest to Camelot.

Others to be announced.

Earthstars Grove Meeting.


Earthstars group meet up.

June 3rd. St Paul’s. 3.pm.

On Sunday 3rd June,  Queenie’s celebrations can be a positive energy shift for the capital. Her flotilla of boats will sail the Thames accompanied by the ringing of bells, both on the river

Barges and in the churches on the banks.

As some of you will be aware, there are various chakra systems along the Thames, mostly culminating at St. Paul’s as crown. The bell ringing is likely to activate  their energies and open the crown of St. Paul’s. I personally would not be surprised if the Angel  of London becomes visible above the capital through this process.

Queenie’s timing means she will sail by the river closest to St. Paul’s at around 3.00pm. We aim to meet at  St Paul’s churchyard, at the benches around the site of Old Paul’s cross (the octagon on the floor, not the Victorian monument), at about 2.30.  When we experienced the bells of the city ringing for the “sacred marriage” merging of St. Paul’s solar and lunar/earth currents this year and last, the bells felt like a huge gong bath for the city, clearing a lot of cobwebs, negativity and clearing the way for incoming healing energies. Our role will be to link to the bell-bath energies (and crown of the city) and help focus and direct them for positive effect.  It will also be a powerful personal healing/clearing experience. We will find somewhere to enjoy tea and cake afterwards, or you can rejoin the jubilee knees up along the Thames.

Earthstars group link up.

If you don’t want to come into town for this event, please link to it from wherever you are at 3.pm.

Visualise a column of light shining down on St. Paul’s dome linking the light from the heart of the universe to the light from the heart of the Earth. Then visualise circular ripples of healing energy radiating out from the cathedral, to the surrounding area,

Then to so suburbs of the capital, merging with the circles and geometries of the Earthstars sites and network.

JUBILEE CONCERT 7.30 Monday 4th.

Earthstars group link up.

The stage for this will be the Victoria Memorial Fountain outside Buckingham Palace. This is directly on the main N-S  line of the London Earthstars geometry and is a powerful spot in its own right. The two closest Earthstars sites to it are the circle of 13 trees in Green Park and Westminster Cathedral. Who knows what holding such an event on this power spot will do?  Certainly there will be a lot of energy generated in the collective consciouness of both planet and people. Wherever you are on that evening, tune into the concert/fountain and, as we have suggested with St. Paul’s visualise the Fountain literally as a fountain of light, love, harmony and happiness, with ripples of  joy radiating out from it to the whole capital and country. There is going to be a divine input into these occasions and the more people who tune into its positive energy will be creating a change in the emotional climate which will last way beyond the jubilee.  Portals will be opened here, at St. Paul’s and many other places around the capital which are touched by the hearts and souls of the people, even before the Olympics begin. This stage sets the stage for the Olympic energy to come in and empower the transformational energies of 2012. I don’t know what, but something wonderful is about to happen…..and you will feel it in the soul of the city.

JUBILEE BEACONS 10.30. Monday 4th.

Earthstars group link up.

All over the country, at 10.30 on Monday June 4th, beacons will be lit. The process can be likened to the acupuncture technique of   “moxibustion” which will stimulate the energy of the Earth and its meridians..

It will also be part of the awakening of the spirit of Albion and the divine feminine as the evolving consciousness of the Earth, or as Blake described her “The Bride, Jerusalem, the emanation of Albion” (See the new William Blake pages towards the end of London City of Revelation.)

Britain will be lit up. Join with thousands of others who will light candles at that moment and meditate to light up our country with love, hope and great expectations.

Earthstars Group workshop

St Paul’s June 21st.2012 and June 23rd 2012. 11am for 11.30 start. Suggested donation £ 40. Some concessions available for ES group members. Pre-booking essential.

A workshop in self-empowerment working with the inner mystical dimensions of St. Paul’s. To draw your own sword of power from the place where the legendary Arthur drew his sword of sovereignty. To help awaken, help and heal your inner “wounded King”. To connect to your inner power and reclaim your own power in the world. We will be working with the solar energy line (The Coronation Line in my books) a “royal “ line of sovereignty that is the midsummer sunrise axis through St Paul’s and Westminster Abbey. This is not a beginners workshop. Best for those who have some experience of working with chakras, guided meditation, etc.

Two dates: The actual solstice falls on a working day, 21st,. For those working there is a second workshop on Sat 23rd, same time. Pre-booking with me is essential for both dates. Email starman144@hotmail.com

THE HEALING POWER OF THE HEATH.  SAT 30th JUNE. 11am.  £ 30. This is a Visionary Landscape walking workshop, not just a stroll across the heath. We will connect to the Sacred Landscapes of Hampstead Heath and particular spots for healing, guidance and to bless the spirit of place. We’ll visit  Parliament Hill, The place of Free Speech, a sacred grove, Boudicca’s tumulus,the Goodison Fountain and other sources of the Fleet, the River of Wells, Tea and rest at Kenwood House café. Pre-booking with me is essential. Concs available for ES group members. Email starman144@hotmail.com


CAMELOT  AND THE INNER WORLD GRAIL CASTLE. Nodens well of dreams. The Wisteria Temple. The Merlin Tutorial Oak. £ 30.

Covers about 4 miles. So not for the faint hearted. Wear good walking shoes and weather proof kit.. Pre-booking with me is essential

Concs available for ES group members. Email starman144@hotmail.com

More bookings and events to follow shortly.



Tuesday 26th April 2011.  London’s Mary Line crosses the Solar Coronation line at a point in The Thames near the Oxo Tower. The energy in these lines create a powerful vortex here and may manifest as an angelic figure. Several people have reported seeing “The Angel of London” at or near this location. Expect more such apparitions as the Earthstars matrix empowers the Soul of the City and makes more visions possible.

Monday 28th June.  The Coronation Line walk   yesterday went very well. 15 intrepid pilgrims  explored the Visionary Landscape of St. Paul’s and its midsummer sunrise axis. Many were experienced dowsers which added an extra element to the walk. With a clear sky for most of the day, we were crowned with the glory of the sun in more ways than one. The more I work with this alignment, the more I can feel the energy in it increasing. Very good signs of transformational forces at work in Shoreditch where the old mound at Arnold Circus is getting a complete  facelift, re-built bandstand and a whole load of new colourful plants. 

Tuesday 14th June 2010. New Visionary Landscape Walk to put in  the diary.

A Strand Ley and Coronation line walk. This is an extended walk starting at St Mary le Strand and taking in St Clement Danes, St. Dunstans, The Temple Church, Fountain Court, St Bride’s, st Paul’s, then the Coronation line sites up to Arnold Circus. 11am start. 4pm finish. Late lunch, coffee/tea/etc  at spitalfields market.

13th June 2010. Earthstars SG1 google group

I’ve started an Earthstars Google group. I thought it would be useful for people to post info on which sites they are visitting and what their experiences were. An email to the group goes to all members, so it would be handy for me to post newsletters, info on  Earthstars Walks, Workshops, and other events. I’d just have to send one email instead of loads. You can use it to post your events and to chat with other Earthstars Group members. Click on the Join the Earthstars Google Group page on the right for more info. Sign up for it by going to (or cut n’ paste):


Only four people have joined so far. I sent invitations to everyne. Did they not come through ?

12th June: Earthstars/Visionary Landscape Walks.

I’ve updated the walks page and fixed some new dates.Take a look. Only a few places left already on some walks. Next one is Sat 19th June. Coronation line walk

10th June 2010; Musewell  Hill Well.

This is in the  front garden of a house in Muswell Avenue. Muswell Hill used to be a nunnery where people came to take the holy, healing waters.

Whether this is the original well, we don’t know. But its a well and it  is there. The name comes from Mosse Well and the Mosse brook which runs from here into the river lee. I prefer to think of it as the Muse’s Well. The Lady of the Well is always a source of inspiration and healing. In the druidic tradition she is the Inspirer. So the Muse is equally applicable. Pay her a visit and give her a blessing.But do remember not to trespass in the garden of the house.

9th June 2010.

Diana Cooper’s book on 2012 says that London is the Earthstars Chakra of the planet.

She didn’t mention  my Earthstars books, so I am not sure if she got her information from them, or if she channelled it.

More than likely I suppose. After all, that’s how I got all this information. Here’s the link to her utube piece.


9th June;Kilburn Priory Well.
I was passing through kiburn  so went looking for the Holy Well that used to be part of Kilburn Abbey/Priory.
Stone me ! I found it.  It is down Coventry Place opposite the Old bell Inn, which  is on the site of the original tea rooms  which served pilgrims who came to take the waters. The well is about 200 yards down Coventry place. First block of flats on the left is called Wells Court, but the well is actually in front of the next block. The footpath here follows a ley, too. Whatever it was aligned to is no longer obvious.
Not much to see of the well. Circular stone work set into the ground and covered with a wooden top to stop the local kids falling down it.
Lot of energy around the area, some of it felt a bit odd.Some very good. Definite “Lady well” with a strong Marian/Grail Maiden/white lady  presence.
She hadn’t had much attention in a while and not very happy about having the energies blocked off, so I gave it a blessing and invoked the return of the “lady of the well” to let the energy, if not the healing  waters, flow again for the benefit of the area. Some locals have seen ghosts of monks and other things, so invoke the return of the Grail Maiden of the well here and let’s see if they start reporting seeing her, instead. That could change the energy of the place.
If you ever pass that way, give the well a blessing with some water and flowers.
There was an Abbey and a Priory here ( Where do you think Abbey Rd got its name ? Not from the Studios.) They covered a huge area, from St. Augustine’s church across the main road to Priory Rd/Spring Walk.
As Edgware road is an old British/Roman Road, the well may have been an original roadside shrine pre-dating the abbey/priory.

June 4th 2010.  Wimbledon Well.

Went to Wimbledon again. This  time  visitted the old St. Mary’s on top of Wimbledon Hill. Follow St. Mary’s road. Nice spot and not too much of a detour from the common.Definitely a most important hilltop. When there’s a gap in the trees you can see for miles into London and the Thames Valley.  Went to the well on the common again to fill some bottles. It’s nearer than Chalice well. Again got an image there similar to the Tarot Star Card – a goddess pouring the healing waters onto the Earth. So I’ve renamed it the Star Well. The well actually looks like a star,  13 the stones have been laid out around it in an irragluar starry shape. The water doesn’t come up here. It pumps out  twenty feet away after someone sank a new bore hole about 100 years ago.

I tried to have a look at Caesar’s camp earthworks as well, but really you can’t see it. There are bumps and mounds everywhere, but no telling what’s what.  Totally wrecked by the golf course. You  woudn’t know it was there. Ironically there is a plaque that says it is a protected national monument. Doesn’t seem to have stopped them from destroying it.

May 30th 2010.Wimbledon Common Well

Visited the well on Wimbledon Common this week. Wow. Fantastic energy and a strong healing presence of the Goddess/grail maiden of the well. It’s known as Caesar’s Well, but is nothing to do with Caesar. It’s very definitely a Lady Well and I think I will re-name it the Star Well, because I saw a presence there which was like The Star card of the Tarot, a goddess pouring the healing waters of life upon the Earth. Surrounding the well is a grove of tall pines, which have a presence of their own.

chris street.

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