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The Earthstars' Healing Chant has its  origins with the same source as the Earthstars Discovery itself. I would not call it channeled, but I do regard it as a  release of knowledge from an aspect of the Divine Feminine.


For those who like a strange tale, here it is.

I was in the British Museum one lunchtime, in the Egyptian section. One exhibit in particular really caught my eye. It was a solid gold sarcophagus which had once housed the mummified remains of a temple singer, a chantress, of the temple of Amun Ra at Thebes. Her name was Hanutmehit and she had lived in the nineteenth dynasty, around 1250 BC.

As I stood in front of the display case, I began to hear singing, a gentle repetitive chant. It was coming, telepathically, from the Golden sarcophagus of Hanutmehit. At that time she was on display in a sheltered alcove on the ground floor where it was not too noisy (she has since been moved to the first floor in a busier, more open area).  It sounded like a mediaeval monks’ chant. Clairvoyantly,  I was aware of a radiant feminine presence behind the reality of the sarcophagus of the chantress, a divine presence with whom Hanutmehit had contact in her lifetime and temple work ….and who I recognised from her many appearances as the guiding light that led me to the various sites of the Earthstars discovery:

She has many aspects, but I see her as the spirit of the heavenly mother and goddess of natural wisdom.

With the chant came a message. “This is a song of the Earth … use it for healing the Earth … when the time is right.” The message was “downloaded” into my consciousness with the chant. I had no means to record the chant with me, so I had to repeat it over and over in my head, all the way back to my office, where I recorded it on an old tape machine. That exercise in itself fixed the chant clearly in my mind for me to use. I told only a handful of people what I’d experienced. On visits to sacred sites, I often sang the chant discretely, walking around standing stones or singing it in the echoing interiors of old deserted churches. Now the guidance has come to give the chant freely to others to use on a more widespread basis, as the web of life that sustains and holds this planet re-attunes to the new frequencies and evolutionary impulses of the universal life force. The chant is intended to aid this process.

I am told that to use these frequencies prematurely would have been like putting amplified sound through faulty system. You would just get amplified faults…and indeed that is what has been happening to many of us as the energies of the incoming evolutionary process are felt and we have to deal with our karma and shadow.  I personally have been through some very challenging times in recent years. Now, though, much of the planetary grid is re-connecting and re-activating. I believe that  Stonehenge, Avebury and other major sites in the crystal rose grids have been re-constructed on the etheric level and are complete, ready to function fully again as the higher energies kick in.

The keys to helping the activation of these energies are musical keys and they are  built into this chant. It is a powerful tool for healing ourselves and our Earth. Its structure is a musical counterpart to the Earthstars geometry. Its frequencies, rhythms and construction reflect important parts of the Earthstars geometry. One part of it is a repeated sequence of five notes in groups of eight. 5 and 8 are numbers connected to the Goddess, the orbital cycles of the planet Venus, Fibonacci series and the Golden Mean, the measurable proportion of harmony and beauty in the world. Also with the Earthstars pentagonal  grids and eight-point stars. This chant creates a resonance with those things and through them,  with the forces of creation active in our world.

Our sacred sites once blazed with visible light, energy and spiritual power. The system has long been drained and barely functioning on a minimal trickle of power. The power is returning. Much of its re-activation will be a natural process, but it can be helped and boosted by playing this Healing Chant at sacred sites, especially those with a harmonic resonance to the geometry of the Earthstar grids. The keys to the star-grids are musical.

I am told that, through harmonic resonance, the chant first creates a cosmic axis that re-connects the life force of the planet to the life force of the universe. A vertical shaft of power that joins Heaven and Earth. Then it begins to repair, re-structure and re-activate the Earth’s energy lines and grids, by radiating out concentric waves of healing energy, that disperse negativity and link to the greater harmony of the universal order. Needless to say, it will work on you, too, by healing and attuning you to the changing frequencies.

Those who have used this healing chant have reported seeing an effect remarkably similar to that described above. Some have said it looks like a fountain of energy and light that shoots vertically upwards, then spreads its healing influence over the surrounding area for a considerable distance. 
Dowsers have reported that the measurable energy lines increase noticeably in size and strength with a clear “before and after” effect.

It seems the keys that open the portals to allow the incoming energies of transformation to flow, are musical keys. This is one of the  most powerful ways to attune yourself to the new frequencies….and the best method of re-enchanting the landscape to awaken humanity to our hidden spiritual dimensions.


Don’t judge it like a music track. It works like a meditation or mantra. Centre yourself first, connecting to a column of light shining vertically down on your from the Heart of the Universe. Connect it to a column of light  from the inner sun, the white hot core at the Heart of the Earth. Hold the link between the Heart of the Earth and Heart of the Universe at your heart. Now  you are ready to play the chant. Don’t judge it as music to listen to. It works like a mantra or meditation. Sink into it.

Play the Earthstars Healing Chant, through Hi-Fi or i-pod, car radio or portable CD player. You can use it to aid your own personal healing and re-attunement,  or to clear and attune your home.

However, its best use is at sacred sites, where it will help them return to their former and future power. It will be particularly beneficial to use it in conjunction with the various patterns of Earthstars Geometry and the sites that form them

So this will form part of future Earthstars Group and Druid Grove activities.

The Chant is geometry you can hear. It relates most obviously to the 8 point star (the eight directions are the basis of all workable geomantic systems) and to the 5/10/20/30/40 pentagonal (and Golden Mean) stars on the Earthstars Circle of the Earth Spirit, whose Northerly mark point is St. Mary’s in East Barnet and its southerly mark point is Pollard’s Hill.

When enough members of the Earthstars Group ( and others) are kitted out with portable sound systems, we can start re-activating and re-enchanting the geometric grids of large areas through the use of the shared resonance of the chant and  the landscape geometry. We can now begin to re-establish a modern version of the circles of perpetual choirs, that the visionary John Michel featured in his books. The geometry of the Perpetual Choirs’ circles has much in common with the geometry of the Earthstars circles, and with this healing chant. Indeed, it is most likely that the Earthstars circles and their sites mark the locations of other perpetual choirs circles.

It would be also be beneficial to use the chant at the Earthstars  “gate” sites: the Barnet Triangle, the Croydon Triangles, the Barking/East Ham triangle and the Hanwell triangle.

The radiant  being who downloaded this chant into my humble human consciousness said that  it is one of the “Songs of the Earth”. It sounds like a mediaeval monks’ chant and is rather repetitive. Don’t let that put you off.

It works like a mantra. Sink into the sound.

I have created several 8 minute sequences of the chant. That’s repeating the basic chant 16 times. For best results you can repeat the 8 minute track, two three or four times to give 32, 48, or 64 (8X8_) structures. They will be 16, 24 or 32 minutes long, respectively.

Because it is so important for as many people as possible to work with this Healing Chant, on themselves, at key Earthstars sites and sacred sites generally around the country, I am making the MP3 version of the track freely available freely to Earthstars Group Members. You can download a version from www.soundcloud.com.  Put it into your ipods, itunes, burn it to cd’s, do whatever you want with it, but please use it.

Feel free to organise your own group trips to sacred sites to play the chant. Fountain International Meditation groups, please work with it. Gatekeeper Trust members take it on pilgrimages. Dowsers and psychics please feed back any interesting or exceptional experiences or results.

If you pass it on to anyone, please forward these notes with it, so that everyone is fully aware of its source, origins and purpose. The recording remains copyright to myself and to Earthstars Publishing and should not be used anywhere for profit. Intent is everything.

It is given freely to you, as it was given freely to me. But if you feel inclined to make a donation towards the production costs and to support the Earthstars work and research (which seems as perpetually on-going as the ancient choirs’ circles), feel free to send  a payment (however minimal) to Chris Street through paypal to chris’ email, starman144@hotmail. Hard copy CDs are also available for £ 6.99 inc P&P. Email me at starman144@hotmail.com to order one. You can also download an MP3  version from www.soundcloud.com by searching Earthstars  Healing Chant.

The chant was recorded and produced by Oliver Street. The enchanters were Chris Street and Pheobe Street, plus an unseen heavenly host.


Chris Street



  1. Elizabeth Rosser Says:
    January 25th, 2013 at 12:16 am

    Hello Chris,
    I was recently in Egypt, with the energies of Temples, Tombs, Great Pyramid of Giza. One of our group, Susannah, a dowser from the Croydon area started singing the Eartstars Healing chant very gently while I was with her. I loved it and began to chant with her as we walked. She referred me to your website to obtain a copy. I would pobably like a CD but will download italso and seek assistance from those with the knowledge to put it on my new ipod. Some while ago I had a short email dialogue with you re Ley Lines near Lougton, Essex and you kindly replied though I am sure you were hugely busy. I couldn’t follow up for personal reason until now, so shall do what I need to do to. I have changed my email: elizabethrosser49@yahoo.co.uk Looking forward to re-engaging. Thank-you.

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