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Earthstars sites to visit

Please visit these places and work with their healing and inspirational  energies. Visualise them as spiritual power centres radiating benevolent energy to their surroundings, or simply sit and let their healing peace seep into you. Feel free to mail in any interesting experiences you may have.

Camlet Moat, Trent Park, Cockfosters.

An extremely  magical location  in woodland on the north side of Trent Park and one of the sites that initiated the Earthstars discovery. I believe this was the site of an ancient oracular shrine centred on the holy well which is now just a hole full of water. Apparitions of a”White Goddess/Bride/Bridget figure have been  seen here. The name Camelot is just one of the odd connections  this place has to the legends of the grail. It may even be the location of an inner-world  grail castle. For further info see the  book page for: London’s Camelot and the secrets of the grail.

Directions; By car. M25 Potters Bar junction. Take A111 to  Cockfosters. Take first left up Ferny Hill and when you see the obelisk  look for a car park on the right. The moat is in the woods between the car park and obelisk, surrounded by a wooden fence.

By Tube; Piccadilly line to Cockfosters. 200 yards from teh station is the entrance to Trent Park. Follow the entrance road to the cafe and car park. Take the path on the right of the cafe through the woods. WHen the path comes out of the woods, follow it to a left t urn and walk down past a huge oak. Follow the path around past the lakes then up the hill into the woods. Where the path enters the woods at the top of the hill, there is a left fork. Follow it until you come to another junction in the path and a bench. You should see the fence around the moat in the woods on your right.

Kilburn Priory well. Find The Old Bell pub in Kilburn High Rd. Opposite is Coventry Place. 200yards down on the left, in front of a block of flats is the well. Just a circle of stonework on the grass with a wooden cover on top. Take water and flowers to bless the lady of the well. She is still there and welcomes visitors. Invoke the return of the grail maidens of the wells here, so she can appear to the local residents, who have only seen ghosts so far…

Muswell Hill Well.
Muswell hill was the site of a nunnery where many came to take the healing waters. The only surviving well is in the front garden of a house in Muswell Avenue. It’s on private property and looks a little neglected, but the energy is good.No solid evidence this is the well from which Muswell takes its name, but Can’t find another.

The Barnet Triangle – St. Mary’s Church Hill East Barnet. St. Mary’s Monken Hadley. Hadley Common. Camlet Moat Trent Park, Cockfosters.

The Croydon Triangles; 1; St Mary’s Beddington. St. Mary’s Addiscombe. Pollards Hill Norbury. Croydon Triangle 2 is a golden mean triangle connecting into the pentagonal Rose Matrix. Its 3 sites are St. Mary’s Beddington, Pollard’s Hill and St John’s, The Parish ( and mother church, of Croydon. Its original dedication was to Mary.

The Heart of the Dove.  The ancient  Yew at St Andrew’s Church Totteridge. Try a pilgrimage walk from the churches in the head of the dove in New Barnet to the heart of the  dove in Totteridge.  Holy Trinity Lyonsdown Rd and Mary Immaculate RC Church Somerset Rd are at the head of the dove. The Crest of the hill above New Barnet Station is the eye abnd the views from there are impressive. Walk up Lyonsdown Rd then along the High Rd to the Whetstone opposite Totteridge Lane. Head down Totteridge Lane to the old church and  yew.

Walk on the wings of a Dove. The Dollis Brook follows the wing of the dove from Barnet (pick it up at Barnet Lane near the footie club).You can walk along side it all the way to Finchley, or even further to Brent Reservoir (which is also a dove shape). In the opposite direction pick it up in May’s Lane and follow the back of the dove to the Dollis Brook source on Moat Mount. Barnet High St and St. Albans road follow the shoulder and upper wing of the dove. St. Alban’s Rd is an old route to St. Albans once travelled by the monks.

Gog and Magog oaks, Totteridge. These two old beauties are in the fields between Mays Lane Barnet and Totteridge Lane. From Totteridge lane follow the path at the end of Grange avenue. At the first field, look  for a path across the middle of the field on your left. Through a hole in the hedge and into the next field ahead of you. The Oaks will come into view about fifty yards on.

The Minchenden Oak, a venerable oak in the Weld Chapel Gardens next to Christ Church, Waterfall Rd Southgate.N14

The East ham Triangle; St. Mary Magdalene East Ham. Barking Abbey (amazing place), site of lost well in Central Park Rd, though the Elim church is quite close to the point.

The Hanwell Triangle: St. Mary’s Hanwell. St. Mary’s Norwood Green. Point on Uxbridge rd West Ealing.

Circle of  13 Trees in Green Park. Brilliant energy. This is on many Earthstars lines including a five point star and the main Earthstars N-S axis. It also forms an equilateral triangle with Westminster Abbey (lots to see)  and St Martins in the Fields (great Crypt cafe).

St, Bride’s Fleet Street. On many lines including the Earthstars 5 point axis from Horsenden Hill to the Tower of London. Site of a 6th century Holy well. Has atmospheric crypt where you can see remains of the previous Norman and Saxon churches on the site, plus some Roman mosaics beneath them. Straight on at the bottom of the crypt stairs to find the little crypt side chapel to meditate in.

St. Dunstan’s in the west, Fleet Street. Octagonal nave gives startling accoustic resonance.  Also look for the only statue of King Lud in the side entrance.

The big pentagonal star: St. Mary’s East Barnet (N). St Gabriel’s Wanstead (NE). St Dunstan at Bellingham Green (SE).
Caesar’s Camp Wimbledon (SW-see note below about the well). Horsenden Hill Greenford (W). Inner 5pt junction points: Tower Hill. St George’s Patmore St  Nine Elms. Abbotsbury Rd Holland Park. St. Andrew’s Frognal on Finchley Rd in NW3. Highbury Hill.

The Harrow Pentagram: Centre is St. Mary’s at Harrow-on-the-hill. The five points around it are: Belmont Hill Stanmore, Horsenden Hill Greenford, Barn Hill Wembley, Dabbs Hill, St. John’s Pinner.

Wimbledon  Common. The exact geometric point of the Earthstars pentagram is a spring on private ground south of Caesar’s Camp. There was an iron age settlement here, nothing to do with Caesar. 200 yards from the small car park at the end of sunset rd you’ll find the Well, known as Caesar’s well. amid a clump of pines. Ignore the name, I found it was definitely a “Lady Well” with a grail maiden presence. The healing energy there is tangible and the flowing water drinkable ( as far as I know). Take a bottle to fill.

The Master’s Oak, Bentley Priory Stanmore. Terrific and huge old tree. A tutorial oak. Sit beneath it and listen. It’s near the SW corner of the lake. Bit of a job so consult the notice board maps when you get there. Best place to park is in Old Lodge Way off Uxbridge Rd.

More places will be updated regularly when I have  time.

10 Responses to “Earthstars sites to visit”

  1. tina Says:
    October 18th, 2010 at 2:44 am

    hi, was just wondering if you can tell me of any healing places in highgate where i live, opposite the tube station ? i regularly go to highgate wood and queen’s wood which i find very viby and full of energy. will check out muswell rd well too.

  2. christreet Says:
    October 18th, 2010 at 7:58 am

    Hi Tina
    thanks for the message. There’s a main Earthstars energy line through the top of the hill at Highgate and through Pond Square where it crosses several others so its a powerful spot. Goes through the School Chapel and the United Reform Church, so you can pick up the energy ( if you are sensitive) in Pond Square. There’s underground water there creating upward spirals too. The line also goes through the cafe in Highgate woods, virtually N-S, so you could look for places around there to tune into it, maybe particular trees, depending on what healing you require. It’s a question of finding somewhere quiet to sit and tune in to the hidden energy of the place. The cafe would be a good place but its often noisy.

    I don’t know Highgate woods or Queens Wood that well, so can’t suggest particular spots. I can recommend ” The Grove” at Muswell Hill/Ally Pally. Best spot here is a mound with a couple of old yew trees on it (You can see it from the cafe) . The energy is intense some days and very good. Let the power of place and energy of the old yews seep into you.

    Another spot is in Kenwood House. At the back of the House looking down to the lakes walk to the right, then down on your left the first group of trees you see should be some Birches. Go into the trees and you’ll find a spring. This is a very healing spot. Birch energy is cleansing, releasing.

    Then up by the sculpture is a huge oak you can use to draw strength from, for healing and recovery from anything.

    On the opposite side of the Kenwood grounds is the Goodison Fountain, not far from one of the gates. It’s one of the sources of the River Fleet, with chalybeate iron-carrying waters like the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. I’m told the water has healing properties, so you may want to to take a bottle to fill and see if it does you any good. I’ve drunk it. Tastes like the chalice well water.

    I f ind the energy around Kenwood pretty healing generally.

    Also on the Heath between Boudicca’s Mound and Parliament Hill, is a hill top with a circle of pine trees on it, overlooking the lakes.
    This has very good healing energy and a bench outside the trees to sit on, though the energy is focussed in the pine circle. Pines are very cleansing good for removing negativity. They release a scent into the air which opens you up and can be slightly “visionary” so good places to meditate.

    If you fancy a trip across town, the well on wimbledon common is a very sacred healing spot, but is a bit of a walk and not that easy to find.

    Let me know if any of this is useful
    starry blessings

  3. carine Says:
    November 22nd, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    Hello Chris,

    I love your site. I currently work in middle temple and am trying to work out the significance of me being placed there at this time. Do the ley lines run through it?

    Also in Catford, where I live is St Dunstans school, which was the first thing ever built in Catford. I wondered whether the site it is on is a lye line as the school is affiliated to St Dunstans in the West.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Wishing you love and light and laughter


  4. kate Says:
    November 24th, 2010 at 12:34 am

    Dear chris,
    I live in Hanwell and I have been trying to search for the location of the spring. Have you any information?

  5. Starflower Says:
    February 11th, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    Hi chris

    I live in Redhill surrey could you point me in the right direction for leys and sacred sites around this area.

    Much Gratitude and blessings to you..

  6. Robert Says:
    March 25th, 2011 at 9:07 am

    Hi Chris,

    Couldn’t agree more about the energy at the circle of 13 trees in Green Park. Stumbled upon it during my first visit to London and I still dream about it!

  7. christreet Says:
    March 25th, 2011 at 9:27 am

    I normally reply direct by email to postings on this site, as some of the can be quite lengthy.
    mail me direct if you have any questions ;

    chris street

  8. jiwankaur13@hotmail.co.uk Says:
    July 12th, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    Dear Chris,At Roundwood park in NW10 there is an unusual hillock,a long time ago,it used to be called Hunger Hill.I am wondering if this used to be an ancient sacred site,it feels like it did.

  9. christreet Says:
    January 22nd, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    Hi. I visitted the park with some of the ES group last year. Thanks for telling me about it. Have you picked up anything about it. I have some info. mail me on the starman144 hotmail contact


  10. Shawn Cohen Says:
    February 8th, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    Hi Chris, 

    Thank you for all you do! We know each other a long time and it is my true pleasure to know such an intelligent and intuitive, spiritually aware and awake soul such as yourself! Thank you for mentioned the Kilburn Wells. What was once a place for all to come for healing is now covered over by the council! It doesn't even have it's wooden top cover anymore just tarmac now which is horrible. I would suggest if people want to come to see the Lady of the Well and the well itself, take the Bakerloo Line, exit Kilburn Park, come out of station, make a left, walk right down into the parking lot here and walk straight ahead until they get on a long stretch of "roman road". If they walk until they can not walk anymore and go left, they will find where the well is…perhaps by the weird bump right by the blocks of flats on the walkway towards the Catholic School, St. Mary's. They may also notice Neptunian waterway along the wall with statues of Neptune's head and his open mouth where water used to come out of. (They should open that up again too!)  Bless you Chris for all your *stellar* work. I love my book from you, "London, City of Revelations"! Buy Chris' books people!!! 🙂 xx  Keep on doing the good work, Chris. 🙂 You are a star!

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