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For the past twenty eight years, I  have funded the Earthstars Research, books and events personally. Any ceremonies, peace meditations, walks, or other events were either free or on a minimal donation basis. It was no problem as I was a well-paid slave of the advertising industry during that time.
A few years ago, they “had to let me go” (someone must have paid the ransom), with the result that  I am now getting by on a small pension.
To enable me to focus my time and effort on following up the on-going and seemingly everlasting Earthstars research, and making it available in books, I could now use a little extra income.
I don’t particularly want to start charging the sort of hefty sums for walks and workshops that seem the norm for some “spiritual” teachers. I prefer to keep any Earthstars events as affordable as possible.
Nor do I want to have to supplement my income with other work that would keep me away from the Earthstars and Visionary Landscape guidance. I still have a lot of information to make available and need as much time to work with it as I can get.
So if anyone reading this is blessed with divine abundance in the dosh department, and is moved to support my work in some way, I offer heartfelt thanks for your help and generosity. Sponsorship can be acknowledged in the opening pages of the next book, or a donation made anonymously, through paypal, to my email account; starman144@hotmail.com. Or to the Earthstars Publishing address (74 The Mall, Southgate, London N14 6LP). Or in any other way you wish.

With the blessing of weaver of the web of life and the guardians of the shining paths.


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