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What are Earthstars?

London’s ley lines are not just simple straight alignments. Many of our ancient sacred sites are located in precise and complex geometric patterns on the landscape. When I first began to investigate this phenomenon in the early 1980s, I found a vast and beautiful network of sacred geometry linking many of London’s ancient sacred sites. It covered  the whole of Greater London and extended to linkup with other similar places the length and breadth of the land.

Most of the patterns are star-shaped, so the name Earthstars came naturally.

Earthstars can be understood in many ways. As a vast landscape temple.

As a construction of the spirit of the land, or in the case of London, the soul of the city.

As an aspect of the universal and planetary life-force, the web of life, which invisibly connects and binds all things.

As a protective spiritual aura over our Capital and other places where they are found.

Ultimately, I believe the specific geometry of London’s Earthstars (and the sites which define them) form a vast stargate, through which a transformative evolutionary force will affect our planet.

Obviously, this could only happen when certain planetary and stellar alignments occur. What they might be is open to debate.

Astrologers amongst you will know that the galactic centre will be focussed on London from 2012 and will remain there for the next fifty years.

2012 doesn’t just coincide with the London Olympics, it coincides with the Mayan end-time.

So it is perhaps no coincidence that London’s Earthstars geometry also has an association with the biblical City of Revelation which is said to appear in the “end of the world.”

Like St. John’s City of Revelation, this discovery has its roots in visionary experience. It is not something I set out to discover. The discovery came about through a series of dreams, visions, synchronicities and psychic experiences, all of which were guided by a radiant female being who is the anthropomorphic manifestation of the Earth Spirit in these sacred isles of Albion.

Rather than a discovery in the usual sense of the word, I have always regarded it as a release of knowledge from the Spirit of the Earth, herself.

Chris Street. London. 2009.