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It’s March 11th, I99I. About 8.45am. I’m inside a carriage of the electric worm, rattling along the Victoria line, on my way to work at an advertising agency in London SWI. Unfortunately, the train isn’t going to stop at Victoria today. There’s been a bomb at the station. A lot of innocent people injured, some badly.The IRA had claimed responsibility, but failed, as usual, to admit irresponsibility.

“Passengers should leave the train at Green Park or Pimlico and make alternative arrangements to reach their destinations. Thank you.” The announcement crackled through the tannoy. I settled for a leisurely walk across Green Park to the office.

When I had been mapping out the alignments for my Earthstars book some years before, I’d noticed that the main North-South alignment passed through part of the park, but as I’d been to Green Park countless times and had never noticed anything remotely out of the ordinary in the way of standing stones, or anything similar, I had assumed that there was nothing special there to mark the alignment. However, as I emerged from the tube into the light of day, I was about to be proved wrong.

I thought that if I had to walk to work through the park, I might as well check out the alignment as I was passing through. I intended to walk along the alignment, to see if the energy could be sensed or felt physically and to tune into it to see what insights or images came to mind. In preparation, as I entered the park, I mentally greeted the spirit of the place and asked for its co-operation; something I normally do when working with sacred sites. I asked to be shown anything that I ought to be aware of.

Almost immediately, I felt my attention drawn to a group of trees ahead of me, on the left hand side of the path. They looked as if they might be growing in a circle. I walked closer and was amazed to find they were the most perfect circle of trees you could possibly imagine.  Something scuttled around the base of one of the trees. Or at least I thought it did. A small gnome-like figure. There was nothing there, of course.  Nothing I could see anyway. But I sensed the place was alive with nature spirits and presences of other sorts. A shiver ran up my spine and I walked into the centre of the circle and gazed around in astonishment.

It felt like I’d entered a different dimension. So quiet, so calm, so re-assuring. I counted the trees: 11, 12,13. I counted them again. Yes,  there were 13.  One for each of the celtic, lunar months of the year. Whoa.  Spooky.  What was this?  A druidic grove in the middle of Green Park? As a member of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and a confirmed dabbler in things mystical and magical, I resolved to discover more.

Enquiries at the Parks Department of Westminster Council shed only a little light on the situation. The trees had been planted sometime in the last century, but there was no record of any particular person who may have been responsible.

For a while, there had been a bandstand in the circle of trees. However, I was informed that the trees pre-dated it and the bandstand had been demolished in the seventies. There was certainly no record of why the trees had been planted in a circle or why there happened to be thirteen of them.

One possibility is that the tree circle  is related to a temple of “concorde” that once stood in the park. It burned down during a firework display. At least one site states the temple had 13 pillars, so perhaps the 13 trees were planted to remember it.

Regardless of how the circle of trees came to be in its present location, it is extremely well placed with regard to certain aspects of the Earth’s spiritually energies.

The geometric pattern of sacred sites and energy centres outlined in my books “Earthstars,” and ” London City of Revelation”shows a central alignment running North-South through London. Green Park is one of the places it passes through and, for reasons that seem destined to remain a mystery, this circle of trees has been planted right on it.

The alignment runs diagonally through the park. It comes down from the hilltop church of St Mary’s in East Barnet, over the summit of Highgate Hill (St Joseph’s Church, now Highgate School chapel) and crosses Piccadilly near the junction of St James St. It enters Green Park just North of the circular grove, on the Queen’s Walk side, crosses the park and goes through the Victoria Memorial Fountain outside Buckingham Palace.

It passes almost diagonally through Westminster Cathedral and continues further south towards St Leonard’s Streatham and Pollard’s Hill Norbury (an interesting hilltop henge amid an Edwardian housing estate). It’s a dowsable line and healers with sensitive hands ought to be able to trace its tingle right across the park. (Sussex dowsers have written to say that they dowsed the line at 168ft wide south of Bletchingley, but the Green Park section seems nowhere near as broad.)

The circle seems to have a few other alignments, too. An extension of Watkins’ Strand Ley passes at a tangent to the South side of the circle. The cirlce also stands on a lline of the Earthstars inner pentagonal geometry as well as forming an equilateral triangle with St. Martin’s in the Field and the west end of Westminster Abbey.

So, what’s the answer? Was the circle planted here deliberately, by someone who was aware of earth energies, a druid gardener perhaps? Or by someone who lived nearby and wanted a convenient personal grove almost on the doorstep ?

We’ll never know for sure, but I like to work intuitively with these places of power and see what turns up. So over the last two years, I  have visited the Green Park Grove frequently, to attune to the spirit of the place. On the second  visit, I was told to use it as an inner grove, which has prompted some interesting insights. Word has spread over the years and many people now visit it regularly and use it as a sanctuary for personal or group mediations whenever the opportunity arises.

Suffice to say, I have had many personal visionary spiritual experiences there. Without going into too much detail, it is clear that there is a presence amongst those trees that gives the place a special atmosphere, an air of sanctity, peace and tranquility that belies its proximity to Piccadilly’s traffic and the bustle of London life.

It is a place where you can escape the concrete maze of the city and re-attune to the rhythms, cycles and spirit of nature, the spirit of the Earth that ceaselessly endures beneath our soul-less buildings.

On one visit, I was clearly asked to make more people aware of its existence, to enable them, whether druids, dowsers, healers, light-workers, shamanic groups or whatever, to be aware of this place of power and haven of tranquility, in order that it can fulfill its role as a real sacred grove for central London.  The more people who utilise its energies for their own inspiration and healing, the better. If they can also help to channel its beneficial energies to the capital at large, that would be good, too.

Pay it a visit, even if it’s only out of curiosity at first. Use it as a focus for silent vigil, particularly on full or new moons evenings and at the turning eight points of the celtic year. Draw on its energy for inspiration, guidance and healing for yourself and empower it as a light centre for the benefit of the capital at large.

I offer two points of advice. Always acknowledge the presence of the guardian spirits of the circle and despite the fact that you’re in a public park, treat it with the respect due to a sacred place.

However this circle of trees came into being, behind it was the spirit of the place, which inspired someone to become its human agent and consciously or unconsciously plant those trees.

A conscious interaction with this source of  power can be immensely rewarding and uplifting, both personally and for the good of London generally.
Finally, a word of caution; Don’t get too carried away by the vibes.The London Underground runs beneath this part of the park,  so some of the vibrations to be felt have more to do with the Victoria line rather than the ley-lines.

Chris street


3 Responses to “GREEN PARK TREE CIRCLE:”

  1. griffonent@gmail.com Says:
    July 29th, 2012 at 5:28 am

    I recently visited london, and walked thru green park on a sunday nite. Since the streee was closed for the olympics, I was able to walk down the center of the street leading up to the fountain. My crown was blown wide open..felt as if I was using a halucegen. I then walked up towards picadily and still felt that strong impact upon my crown. I just now came accross the article about green park. Thank you for sharing this…It is such a magical place in the midst of the busiest city in the world.

  2. dwoodside@cox.net Says:
    September 30th, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    I recently visited this circle of trees twice while in London. The peace there was unbelievable. A true spiritual haven…

  3. Madan Mohan das Says:
    October 3rd, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    Hi Chris. We ended the 11.11.11 Peace Walk at this circle, with the mood of the place beautifully captured at the end of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVtwtAG2PZ8

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