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INFO ON BRITAIN’S FOREMOST VISIONARY WRITER AND HIS WORK. The man who put The Michael Line on the map and whose City of Revelation work helped me understand the significance of the Earthstars discovery.

ROBIN HEATH’S WEBSITE                              http://www.skyandlandscape.com

An organisation applying the techniques of healing to communities and places rather than individuals.

The website of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. The native spiritual tradition of these islands of Albion. For those wishngto acquire a grounding in celtic druidic studies, the OBOD training  course is to be heartily recommended.

Geo Trevarthen (formerly Geo Cameron) – Celtic Shamanism

Instruction in Tuatha Dé, a family tradition of Celtic shamanism. Offers workshops, tapes and cds, and a mailing list.


The Gatekeeper Trust website. For details of talks, walks, pilgrimages and the work of Peter and Sarah Dawkins. Amust for anyone interested in our sacred sites and their spiritual dimensions.

Christian Kyriacou.com

Architect, Alchemical Design, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Sound, Vibrational Healing, Energy Weaving, Geomancy, Feng Shui.


Giles Bryant’s World Healing project, includes Earthstars activation events, yoga, community healing, sacred sound and the healing music of Giles’ band, Turiya,



www.rilko.net  The Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation A society providing a platform for the dissemination of hidden knowledge incorporated in myth and legend, number and geometry, art and music, architectural proportion, megalithic structures and the geomantic layout of cities and landscape.

The website and lecture programme of the London Earth Mysteries Circle.

Lectures and workshops organised by The famed Atlantis Book
in Museum Street, London WCI. London’s oldest mystical bookshop.

www.watkinsbooks.com. Another Great source of mystical tomes. new and second hand.
REIKI, SEKH EM AND RAYS OF TOUCH HEALING with Jo Bristow Watkins of Harmony Healing.

Dowsing courses and Feng Shui with Vicky Sweetlove.l

Katie Rose   Sacred Sound events. www.therosewindow.org

www.badwitch.co.uk The badwitch blog makes very entertaining reading.

www.gatewaytotheheavens.com      Karen French’s website(and book) on sacred geometry and how simple shapes mould the fabric of reality.

www.templarmechanics.com   check this one out. Brilliant stuff.

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